Cloud Services

West limited recognizes the important value of data in driving digital transformation in Kuwait. As such, it has partnered with renowned global providers in cloud computing, data center solutions and IT services to bring the best-in-class solutions to its business customers. 


The Information Security and Emergency Response Department works in accordance with the vision of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, where it exercises jurisdiction over cybersecurity tasks and responsibilities at the national level and has all the necessary authority to do so.

Operation Technology

Cyber attacks on operational technology are more complex and more prevalent than ever before. Malicious actors are smarter and more determined to bring operational infrastructure to its knees - from infecting engineering and manufacturing plants with ransomware, to hacking the systems that run public utilities.

Control System

In industrial and organizational settings, control systems play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations, optimizing processes, and enhancing overall efficiency. At West Limited, we specialize in developing and implementing advanced control systems tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, empowering you to achieve operational excellence.