Security Equipment

Place where scientific research and development is conducted and analyses performed, in contrast with the field or factory. Most laboratories are characterized by controlled uniformity of conditions (constant temperature, humidity, cleanliness).

Surveillance System

We offer a full suite of top-quality loss prevention, inventory, traffic, CCTV & all low voltage solutions, creating the right approach for all types of retailers & clients to attain all their security needs.

Access control

By designing access control policies and processes for the District, the Access Control Security Specialist ensures the physical security of workers, customers, and facilities. The incumbent manages access control permissions and allocates access based on agreed protocol, collaborating with PCC employees and external suppliers to achieve optimal performance.

Body Cam

West limited providing body worn camera for government sectors. specialized in serving customers , OEM & ODM services supported, and fast delivery.We aim to be the right supplier, who offer VIP services for customers.